Christinia Lemons

Travel Fees

Massage Services are available in the privacy of you'r own home or destination. The fees for these services very depending on the number of people being served.

Starting price:

70.00 for 30min table massage

90.00 for 45min table massage

130.00 for 60min table massage

Travel fee is to compensate for having to travel to your home/place of business to provide the massage in the comfort of your environment. It consists of $0.50/mile traveled. The amount of miles is measured by the distance I have to travel from my business address to your home, and back again.  For example, if you scheduled an hour of massage and are located seven miles from my business address, your total cost would amount to $87 for the entire session.  ($0.50 x 7 miles = $3.50. Multiply that by two to account for the return trip and you get $7.00). The travel fee is non-negotiable and is included in the total you are quoted during the scheduling of the appointment. This fee is per therapist.

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